Looking South On a Windy Day

View of Kawaihae Bay, Hawaii

Location:  Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

If you stand in my back garden and face south, you can look across Kawaihae Bay to the South Kohala coast.  The prevailing winds in Hawaii are tradewinds that blow from the northeast.  The fronds on the coconut trees in this image are telling us that those tradewinds were blowing on the day the photo was taken.  You can see that the surface of the ocean is a bit frothy, too, and glistening in the midday sunshine.


MS said...

Nobody should be allowed to live in a place with a view that beautiful! ;-)

BNS said...

But Mark, if I didn't live here, I wouldn't be able to take pictures like this to share with you!


Anonymous said...

If I could make a suggestion, make the photos bigger. They're beautiful and should be the real focus. Looks great though!

kml said...

Look at those palm trees go - you have a great view!


BNS said...

@ Chris - I thought of having larger photos on the page, but it loaded too slowly. My compromise was for somewhat smaller photos -- but you can click on any photo on the blog to see a larger view.

@ Kathy -- Yes, those coconut trees make a great wind vane, don't they?