Early Morning Cloudscape


Early Morning Clouds
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

We've been seeing quite a few clouds in our skies for the past week.  Yesterday it was heavily overcast, and today it is raining, but one morning last week the sky above my house had this interesting mix of clouds.  Do click on this photo to enlarge it, so that you can see the details of the cloud textures and colors.  The photo has not been retouched in any way, except to crop and reduce its size.


kml said...

They look like they are leading to somewhere, enticing one to follow them. They are very different and quite beautiful!

Becky said...

We've had a few clouds that look like this too, and they can change in an instant.

Unknown said...

Awesome cloud patterns beautifully captured.

Anonymous said...

I really like when clouds look like this. The mix of blue, white and greys blend beautifully.

Jinghui said...

I always love your clouds photos !

Hopefully, I am able to capture such beautiful and awesome cloud formations in tropics !