New Zealand's Takitimu Mountains

Takitimu Mountains, New Zealand

Takitimu Mountains
Location: South Island, New Zealand

The southernmost region of New Zealand's South Island is called, appropriately, the Southland.  Rising up from a plain in the interior of the Southland is the Takitimu mountain range.  The plain at the foot of the mountains is occupied by farms, all of which have spectacular mountain views as a backdrop.  Some of the higher mountain peaks in the Takitimu range keep their snow caps for much of the year.


Becky said...

Would make a beautiful painting for sure Bobbie

Anonymous said...

So pretty. The sky looks amazing and I really like it when clouds cast shadows over the mountains like you captured here.

BNS said...

@ Becky - Maybe we can turn this one into a paint-by-number kit! :-D

@ 2sweet - Clouds, mountains, green -- great combination for us photographers, right? ;-}