Partly cloudy with a chance of haze

Kawaihae Bay
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

This is how Kawaihae Bay looked on a recent morning.  Photographed  from my neighbor's deck, this is the view looking south, toward the North Kona coast.  The mountain visible in the background is Hualalai, one of the five volcanoes on Hawaii's Big Island.  It is covered with a thin layer of haze from Kilauea, the volcano on the other side of the island that is erupting at present.


Andrew Cooper said...

It has been bad down there lately! Fortunately, and as you can see in your photo, the wall of vog stops just short of Waikoloa and our place.

Driving up Waikoloa road you can see the Kohala beautiful and clear. But turn and look the other way... Hualalai is completely missing in that brown crud. No trace of a 9000ft volcano.

Becky said...

How interesting and what a gorgeous shot Bobbie.

BNS said...

@ Andrew - On the other hand, sometimes we get it (vog/haze) here on our coast when you don't have it there in Waikoloa. Seems to drift out to sea in the AM, and then curl back onshore north of Kawaihae in afternoon. (It did that today: right now we're socked in!)

@ Becky - Thank you. I love that view when it's clear. Right now, though, the volcano smog -- known here as 'vog' -- is thick. Looking out from the same spot from which I took that photo, we cannot see the other coast and mountain, and in fact almost can't see the ocean!