Forest Canyon Overlook, Rocky Mountain National Park

Forest Canyon Overlook
Location:  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Trail Ridge Road, the main east-west thoroughfare through Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, climbs high into the mountains and crosses the Continental Divide.  Along the way, there are a number of overlooks where you can stop to enjoy spectacular views.  One of those is the Forest Canyon Overlook, pictured here.  Located above the tree line in an area dominated by tundra, this high perch affords the visitor unobstructed views in every direction.  The sights include huge mountains, several alpine lakes, and a dramatic gorge formed by ancient glaciers.

From the Rocky Mountain National Park website:
Like other high mountain valleys, Forest Canyon was filled with ice and shaped by glaciers during the past two million years.  Here, ice flowed through a stream valley and followed the straight line of the ancient faults.  Side valleys contributed their own rivers of ice, and carved the canyons of Hayden Gorge and Gorge Lakes.  The Rolling terrain of the high country was untouched by glacial ice.


Becky said...

This is so inviting! I had always wanted to travel to this part of the US, and hunt for dinosaur bones.

Unknown said...

That's beautifully composed.