Rabbit Ears Peak - A Colorado Landmark

Rabbit Ears Peak
Location:  Routt National Forest, Colorado, USA

The two stone pillars on top of this mountain peak are said to have served as a landmark for travelers across the Rocky Mountains since pioneer times.  When the feature was named initially, the two pillars were taller and looked more like real rabbit ears, but over time they have eroded.  The peak, which is part of the Park Range of the Rockies, is situated within the Routt National Forest.  The area is popular with hikers.

This photo was taken from Rabbit Ears Pass, which is located on a stretch of  U.S. Highway 40 between the Colorado towns of Kremmling and Steamboat Springs.  The Pass is at en elevation of 9,426 feet (2,873 meters).

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Becky said...

I can smell the fresh air from here! Beautiful!