Introducing Buster the Cat

Buster the cat

Buster, our cat
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii
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Meet our cat, Buster.  Born in Puako, Hawaii in July of 1996, he's a middle aged kitty now, but he has been with us ever since he was weaned.

Buster is one of my favorite photography subjects, but I also have to say, he's a lousy model!  He's a photogenic animal, but it seems that whenever I catch him in an appealing pose, either he looks away just as I press the shutter release, or he decides to just get up and leave while I'm still fiddling with my camera settings.   Getting a decent picture of Buster can be more of a challenge than photographing wild things.

I call him "our" cat, but in fact Buster is devoted to my husband, and they are constant companions.  They especially like to spend time together outdoors in the garden, where Buster supervises every activity.  Unfortunately Buster also seems to think it's necessary to roll in the red dirt at least once a day when he's in the garden.  As a result, his white fur usually has a slightly orange tinge to it.

2010 Update:  Buster, now fourteen years old, is on Twitter, passing along interesting and useful tidbits about cats and other animals, and sometimes chatting with other kitties.  If you are on Twitter and you like animals, follow @BusterSays

2011 Update:  In April of 2011, Buster moved with the family to Colorado.  He did very well on the long plane ride, and settled into his new home without a hitch.  Buster now lives indoors full time; if he misses the garden in Hawaii, he doesn't show it.  At his new house, he enjoys looking out the windows, watching the birds and squirrels that visit the feeders.

2013 Update: Buster is now on Pinterest, too!  If you're on Pinterest and you like kitties and cat art, follow Buster.


Caren said...

Buster is an incredibly handsome kitty!!!

BNS said...

Thank you, Caren. :)


Martha said...

Very handsome cat and a nice picture. I totally can understand how difficult it is to take pictures of cats as I volunteer and blog for a cat sanctuary in Canada.

They are either trying to snuggle so much that you can't get them to sit still and not present themselves right in your camera lens or they turn their heads at the exact moment you click the camera. How do they know?

I'm so glad Buster found his forever home.

BNS said...

Thank you, Martha. Buster has had a forever home with us since he was weaned. At present, he is just weeks shy of his 15th birthday. >^..^<

Anonymous said...

I just say your boards on Pinterest and I can't get enough kitties. The boards are fabulous!!! All I can say is thanks!

Winnie and Bopper Primich
Plainsboro, NJ