Grazing at Pololu

Pololu, Hawaii

Horses grazing in a meadow
Location:  Pololu, Big Island, Hawaii

This place is near the northern tip of Hawaii's Big Island, about a half hour's drive from my house.   It's called Pololu, and it is one of those 'end of the road' places, not on the way to or from anywhere else.     It was overcast on the day I took this photo, but  I think the cloudiness added a softness to the image of this idyllic spot.

This meadow, at an elevation of about 400 feet, borders the top edge of some sea cliffs.  There is a scenic overlook nearby, just outside the frame of this image.  The overlook is at the top of a rugged hiking trail that winds all the way down to the ocean and a small black sand beach.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful photo and post. Peaceful.


kml said...

The horses have quite the view! Do you have any photos of the black sand beach? It sounds intriguing!

BNS said...

@ JJ - Thanks you. Yes, it is a peaceful place.

@ Kathy - The horses do have a great view, but I think they're oblivious to it. I do have a few pictures of that black sand beach, but they were taken after a rain, abut the ocean looks a little muddy from runoff, so they're not such pretty photos. I'll take another one day when it hasn't been raining, and then I'll post it.