Monkey Pod Tree


Monkey Pod (Samanea saman)
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Last time, I posted a macro photo of the blossoms on a Monkey Pod tree.  Several people who saw that photo asked what the whole tree looked like.  Here's a photo of a Monkey Pod tree (along with some young mango trees on the left, and some coconut trees on the right).  It is favored in Hawaii as a shade tree, and you can readily see why.  The Monkey Pod tree typically has a wide, dome-shaped canopy.  They grow to a very large size -- about 80 feet in height.


Indrani said...

Hi Bobbie, I never knew the name of the flower till I saw it here. And I see you have Mango trees too. :)

Thankyou very much for your visit, I can now brag I have a hawaiian blogger friend. I welcome you to visit my other blog 'i Share' too.

Regards, from India. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, we have a few trees in our garden (not sure what they are as we have just moved in). My wife plans on planting more in the near future.

kml said...

What a beautifully shaped tree - do they all have a lean or is it because of the place it's growing in? The palms lean the other way. Makes for a beautiful scene!

BNS said...

@ Indrani - Thanks for stopping by. I saw the mango photos on your blog. Looks like mango trees are only one of several trees common to both India, where you live, and Hawaii, where I live.

@ Craig - Thank you. As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as too many trees in the garden.

@ Kathy - You have a keen eye -- a photographer's eye! The coconut trees in that photo lean in the direction of the prevailing winds. The monkey pod tree was (trans)planted in that spot about 10 years ago, after it was already at least 4 or 5 feet tall. As I recall, it seemed more upright when it was put into the ground. I'm not sure how or when it ended up with that lean.


Anonymous said...

Good one - very impressive Tree!

Cheers, Klaus

P.S.: Nice Blog you got going!

BNS said...

Thank you, Klaus.