Felucca on the Nile


Egyptian Felucca
Location: Nile River, near Luxor, Egypt

This is a Felucca -- a traditional wooden sailing vessel seen frequently along the Nile River in Egypt.   I photographed this one just outside of Luxor in southern Egypt.


Kay said...

Oh gosh! This brings back such lovely memories of our trip to Egypt.

Reader Wil said...

In a few weeks I shall be going to Egypt and have a boat trip on the Nile. I am looking forward to it!

kml said...

It has a unique shape. I bet they are pretty to see gliding along the river.

BNS said...

@ Kay - We have great memories of our trips to Egypt, too -- one of our favorite countries.

@ Wil - I hope you enjoy your trip to Egypt. It is a remarkable country.

@ Kathy - They really are pretty to watch. But then most sailboats are nice to watch. ;-}