Reflections on the Nile


East Bank of the Nile River
Location:  Luxor, Egypt

Recently we unearthed a batch of travel photos on slides that we had nearly forgotten about.  The photos were taken with my SLR camera in the pre-digital days.  My husband has been scanning the transparencies so that I can post some of them on line.

Here is the first of those. It shows a small settlement along the East Bank of the Nile River, not far from Luxor, in southern Egypt.


2sweetnsaxy said...

This is really beautiful. Looks like something right out of a movie (since that's as close to The Nile as I've been - smile). Technology wise, I think it's great that we can now scan slides and negatives.

BNS said...

Hi 2Sweet - Thank you. And yes, it's wonderful that we can digitize all of our old slides and photos these days -- and then share them so easily by putting them online.


Barbara Martin said...

Such an exotic setting. I have always wanted to visit there.

BNS said...

Hi Barbara - I hope you get to go to Egypt some day. It's a remarkable country.