Endangered Species?

Public Telephone

Public Telephone
Location:  Hamakua Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Have you noticed that ever since mobile phones exploded onto the scene, you see fewer and fewer public telephones?  Even at airports, which used to have banks and banks of pay phones everywhere, you'd have to search for one these days.  They are a dying breed.

Here is a photo of a roadside public telephone near the scenic lookout above Waipi'o Valley on Hawaii's Big Island.  When I saw it, I decided I had better photograph it and archive the image for posterity, lest we forget what these look like!  Note that this specimen even includes a rare accessory: a phone book.


Becky said...

Good catch Bobbie.You are right about them disappearing, and this one even still has the phone book.

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I even love that is has that beautiful flower on the side of it. Ours usually have graffiti. :-) I remember the reason why I first bought a cell phone, because I a problem finding a pay phone that worked.

kml said...

haha - you are so right! Love the flowers on the side - only in Hawaii!

antigoni said...

The more technology we get, the less tradition we have. Nice told.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha...perfect title for this image

BNS said...

Glad to know everyone appreciated the title of this post. :-D