Rain clouds rolling in

rain clouds

Location:  Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii

Early this morning, we went to the little town of Waimea to do some shopping.   It was sunny on the coast where we live, but as we approached Waimea, rain clouds began to roll in over the surrounding hills.   We stopped near this old farm road on the outskirts of the town so that I could take a few pictures.

Waimea is a small town  surrounded by farms and ranches, on Hawaii's Big Island.  Situated well upslope from the coast at an elevation of about 2,500 feet, the air temperature in Waimea usually is about 10 to 20 degrees (F) cooler than at sea level.  This is true year round.


Becky said...

Lets hope the clouds bring rain if you need it.
Have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

antigoni said...

Excellent photo. I hope you got back home before the rain starts.
I liked the sunset at your previous post very much.

kml said...

It sounds like it gets high very quickly in that area. The clouds are covering the mountains too.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Beautiful landscape. Love the low clouds. I wouldn't mind a little more rain here.