Volunteer Coleus Patch

Coleus blumei

Coleus blumei
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

I discovered this image while looking through some old photos.   It made me smile as I remembered the story that goes with it.

We like Coleus for its decorative value, and we always have some growing  in our garden.   We often let some of the nicer looking varieties go to seed, to use for the next planting.   One year we had a windstorm that blew the Coleus seeds all over our garden before we got to harvest them.   Weeks later, we had tiny coleus plants sprouting up all over the place like weeds!

The patch pictured in this photo got seeded that way.   These volunteer Coleus plants took root along the base of a stone wall beside a walk near the edge of our garden.   We decided that they actually looked nice there, so we left them to grow.


Unknown said...

WOW...life does find its way always. And that natural design is just aweseome.

2sweetnsaxy said...

They do look really nice there. I like the shape they've taken. It looks like an animal stretched out, laying down. :-) I know, me and my imagination.

kml said...

They really did fill in that spot quite nicely - and with such a tiny plot of dirt.

Hope you have a Happy Easter!


Becky said...

Isn't it amazing how volunteer plants seem to know the right place put down roots. They look so nice Bobbie.

BNS said...

@ T and S - Yes, nature does find a way.

@ 2Sweet - Your imagination is just fine!

@ Kathy - Thanks. They flourished there for the entire season. (Hope you had a nice Easter, too.)

@ Becky - They do seem to 'know' and often we do decide to leave them to grow where they sprout. Why not?!