Honey bee approaching a cactus flower

Honey bee

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

As I passed by my neighbor's garden, I noticed a cactus (species unknown) with big, white flowers.  The local honey bees have noticed the cactus flowers, too.   They were busily gathering pollen from the blossoms.


Becky said...

Would you look at those pollen bags. That Bee has been busy. Wonderful picture Bobbie.

BNS said...

Thanks, Becky. Yep, this one looked like the original 'busy bee'. :-D


kml said...

He is already carrying such a heavy load! Great shot Bobbie!

BNS said...

Hi Kathy. Yes, I think this bee needed to return to its hive and make a deposit before collecting any more pollen. :-)


Unknown said...

Stunning timing Bobbie and what makes this shot even better is the incredible details you have captured on that bee. The only improvement, if any, I can think off is a 3:2 aspect ratio would be even better. But this is positively a matter of personal taste.

BNS said...

Thanks a lot, Thomas. I appreciate your observations.