Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Sprague Lake
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

This lake is situated near the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  Sprague Lake lies at an elevation of more than 8,000 feet.  It once was a part of a privately owned resort, prior to the establishment of the national park.  Today there is a picnic area near where the resort's lodge used to be.  There is a well-maintained walking trail around the perimeter of the lake.  This photo, a view facing west across the lake, was taken from that trail.

The mountains in the background of this photo form a part of the Continental Divide.  The pointy-topped mountain in the far left of the photo is Taylor Peak, elevation 13,158 feet.  To its right is Otis Peak, elevation  12,486 feet.  Next is Hallett Peak, elevation  12,713 feet.  To the right of that is Flattop Mountain, elevation  12,324 feet.  Finally, in the far right of the photo, is Notchtop Mountain, elevation 12,129 feet.


crpitt said...

I love it!

I literally sighed as I saw it, because I want to have saved up enough pennies for holiday already!Somewhere with a beautiful view like that.

BNS said...

Hi Claire - I know you like hiking, and I know you like to take pictures, so I do believe you would love Colorado. Keep saving your pennies. ;-)


crpitt said...

Hello! I am saving as fast as my penny jar will allow, honest :)

If I could just pop over for the weekend it would be so much easier, but I would want to stay for a while!

So for now I will have to make do with your lovely photographs :)

I also need to do some hiking, before my legs stop working.

Unknown said...

This is perfect postcard picture. Beautiful...Thomas

Becky said...

Oh my, this is gorgeous. Just like you see in the calendars. A place I would like to canoe.