Mauna Kea with Snow

Mauna Kea with snowcap

Mauna Kea with a snow cap
Location: Big Island, Hawaii

This is Mauna Kea in winter.  Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano, is the tallest mountain in Hawaii, rising 4,205 meters (13,796 ft) above sea level.  Its name means "white mountain," and in winter you can see how it got that name. Mauna Kea's summit is home to a number of important astronomical observatories, which are visible in this photo.

We can see Mauna Kea from several places in our garden, but I took this photo from a neighbor's field in January of 2008.


kml said...

You really live in a most beautiful place, Bobbie. I look forward to visiting Hawaii through your photos - glad you started this blog!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! We didn't have many clear days like that when we were in Hawaii. The VOG seemed to make Mauna Kea invisible quite a bit, but when we did see it, we really enjoyed getting to admire the snow capped mountain. We got to take a tour up to the top for sunset. It was a pretty neat experience.

BNS said...

@ Kathy - Thank you so much. I hope you will visit regularly.

@ Sheila - There was lots of vog during the period when you were on the Big Island. It's great that you got to go up to the summit. Mauna Kea is a very special place.


Anonymous said...

I love snow capped mountains. I didn't see any when i was there so this is cool.

BNS said...

@ 2sweet - Mauna Kea usually gets its first snow around Thanksgiving, but sometimes the first snow melts. By Christmas, there's enough snow that it remains for the rest of the winter. There's still a smidgen now, but most of it melted by late March.


Jinghui said...

Mauna Kea must be really huge !

Beautiful landscape photo, with the snow caps covering its peaks.

Must be very beautiful closer to the Mauna Kea mountain range !


BNS said...

Hi Jinghui -Yes, Mauna Kea is a beautiful mountain. It is my favorite.