New Zealand: Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak, New Zealand

Mitre Peak at Milford Sound
Location: Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand

Here's another photo from our December 2007 journey through New Zealand.  This is Mitre Peak, situated at the head of Milford Sound in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park.   Mitre Peak is 1,692 meters tall, and is one of the most well known landmarks in the Fiordland.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous!

BNS said...

Thank you, Angie.

crpitt said...

I really love this one Bobbie :)

New Zealand is right at the top of my travel wish list.

BNS said...

Thanks, Claire. New Zealand deserves to be at the top of your travel wish list. It's definitely worth the effort it takes to get there. And when you do go, stay as long as you can. There's so much to see.


Unknown said...

The colour here is lovely. What a clear sky!


David Webb: Pictures of Nature

BNS said...

Hi David -

Yes, the sky was really clear that day -- at last, after several rainy days in a row, truth be known. I'm glad we decided to wait out the rainy days.


MS said...

This picture is giving me what Germans called Fernweh. The opposite of homesickness (Heimweh), it means I want to travel.

BNS said...

Mark, you have my permission (and encouragement) to go straight to the airport. Have a great trip! :-D


Gerri said...

That I like. NZ is wild and beautiful.

BNS said...

Hi Gerri -

Thanks for visiting. We thought the Fiordland was the most dramatically beautiful part of New Zealand. I took hundreds of photos there.