Lueang Sakhon Plumeria

Lueang Sakhon Plumeria

Lueang Sakhon Plumeria (Plumeria rubra cultivar)
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Here is a nice bouquet of Plumeria blossoms, just as they grow on a tree in our garden.  This hybrid variety, called Lueang Sakhon, is a cultivar of Plumeria rubra.  You can compare this variety to the Rainbow Plumeria that I posted last month.  The petals are similarly shaped, but the color of the blossoms is quite different.

The flowers usually have five overlapping petals, but this particular tree bears several six-petaled blossoms every season.   (We have no idea why!)  I will post a photo of one of the six-petaled blossoms at a later date.
 The tree is deciduous, dropping its pointy green leaves for about half the year.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours and lovely detail in this close up.

kml said...

The soft yellow in the center is really beautiful - do they have a pretty smell too?

2sweetnsaxy said...

Beautiful shot of beautiful flowers. Are those the same type of flowers they use in leis?

BNS said...

Thank you all.

@ Kathy - Yes, they smell delicious.

@ 2Sweet - Yes, this is a popular flower for leis.


The Zen Birdfeeder said...

I love the scent of plumeria. They remind me so much of Hawaii!!!

BNS said...

You are right: the scent of plumeria is "essence of Hawaii."