Fresh Mint from the Garden


Mint (Mentha sp.)
Location:  Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Several years ago, my neighbor gave me a mint plant in a small pot to look after for her while she was away for the summer.  The plant grew steadily, and we finally transferred it to a larger pot.  When my friend returned she was amazed at how much the little mint plant had grown.  She said, "I think that plant likes you better than it liked me, so you should keep it."

It has since been repotted twice more, and it's still flourishing in the middle of my herb garden.


Ryanne said...

My husbands family farm use to grow mint....I love driving by a mint field they smell so wonderful. great shot. Happy WW!

BNS said...

Hi Ryanne - I would love to see -- and smell -- a whole field of mint! Must be wonderful.


Elise O. said...

Hello! How are you? Just stopping by to say thanks for commenting on my Ruby Tuesday post!
Red eyeshadow is indeed a strange sight... It really has to be applied just right or it definitely looks like you've been rubbing your eyes! :) (I think you have to keep it on your upper lid and avoid any red getting below your eye and it won't look too bad!) :)
Hope you're having a great week!
- Elise

P.S. At my old house, we had mint growing in our backyard! I always loved the smell of it.

kml said...

HI Bobbie - You are so smart to keep it in a pot. Mint will quickly take over any place it is planted in. I mistakenly planted an applemint variety - it's furry and doesn't make a nice tea or potpourri at all. I have been yanking those thick roots out of my garden for over 10 years! I think the more I break their roots, the more plants I make -I'm doomed! On the other hand a have a beautiful little cocoa-mint, for the same number of years, and it refuses to spread. Go figure!

BNS said...

@ Elise - Thanks for elaborating on red eyeshadow, but to be honest, I just don't think it would suit me. It did make an interesting Ruby Tuesday post on your blog, though.

@ Kathy - Oh, I know exactly what you mean. From time to time tendrils of our potted mint flow over the side and attempt to root in the ground beside the pot. We have to trim them back constantly. Funny how some plants are like that. You just can't let them out of their pots or you're done for! LOL


2sweetnsaxy said...

Hmmm... never thought of buying any mint. It must smell wonderful. You've obviously got a nice green thumb.

BNS said...

Hi 2sweet - Truth be known, it's my husband who has the green thumb. He really enjoys gardening and looking after all of our flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. I just take the pictures. :-D


Anonymous said...

Around here gardeners hate it, which is silly from my point of view. You can harvest and dry the leaves to make really good tea. Yum!

BNS said...

Hi Mark - I agree. Mint tea is really good. Regarding the plant, I think some gardeners dislike mint because it tends to try and take over. The trick is never to let it out of its pot!