Pink Oleander in the Morning Sun

Nerium oleander

Oleander (Nerium oleander)
Location:  Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

One section of our property is bordered with a tall hedge of Oleander (Nerium oleander).  Oleander blossoms come in a variety of colors.  We have some white, yellow, red, and rose Oleanders, but most of ours are pale pink like the one in this photo.


2sweetnsaxy said...

Great shot of the oleander. I do have some of this in my yard. I've only ever seen the pink and white ones here in Cali. They use it a lot along freeways and roads. That yellow must be really nice.

BNS said...

Hi 2Sweet - They sure do use a lot of oleander along highways in California. We've noticed that, too. I'll post a pic of the yellow for you one of these days.

My favorite is the rose colored one, which has a "double" blossom.


kml said...

It's beautiful against the bright blue sky!

BNS said...

Thanks, Kathy!


Susan Evans said...

It's beautiful work, the colors are goregeous.