Another Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii)

Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii)

Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii)
Location:  Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Back in August, I posted a photo of an Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii).  I wasn't entirely happy with the angle of that shot, but the moth flew away before I had an opportunity to shoot it from a different perspective.

Earlier today I was going through some photos I had taken back in the days when I was still shooting film.   I came across this one, which I had forgotten about.  As soon as I saw it, I decided to scan the transparency and post it here.  This one is a much better 'specimen shot' than the one I posted in August.   It shows clearly the wonderful patterns of color on the moth's wings.

Note: Several moths ago, I also posted a photo of a Hawk Moth caterpillar.


indicaspecies said...

You have a wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing shot. What an amazing moth. I've never seen one like this in person and very rarely in a photo. Good one!

Becky said...

That moth is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the camo appearance.

Celeste said...

Stunning hawk moth, you captured the markings really brilliantly.

BNS said...

Thank you all very much. I really like this moth's 'camouflage' markings, too.


kml said...

It camouflages well even with its pretty colors. Beautiful!

BNS said...

Thanks Kathy.