Snowy morning at Denver International Airport


United Express ERJ 170 (Shuttle America)
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

As I write this, the eastern United States is experiencing a major snowstorm that is wreaking havoc on air travel.  This photo was taken earlier this month in another part of the U.S., during a different snowstorm.  It is the season for snow!

This photo shows an Embraer ERJ 170 taxiing through the snow at Denver International Airport.  This aircraft is operated by Shuttle America Corp. on behalf of United Express.  I spotted it through the window of a gate in the airport's 'B' Concourse while we were waiting to board a different aircraft.  Unabashed aviation geek that I am, I had to snap a few photos.

P. S. Planes departing Denver that morning had to be de-iced. Click here to see a couple of photos I took at the de-icing pad.


Becky said...

Beautiful shot Bobbie. Im assuming you got out OK. We're just getting the backlash from that East storm. We're used to it, but those folks are devistated.
Stay warm.

BNS said...

Hi Becky - Thanks, and yes, our flight left safely that morning, but first we had to de-ice. I just added a P.S. to the post with a link to some photos I took of the de-icing process.