Sailboats at Frisco Bay Marina, Lake Dillon, Colorado

Frisco Bay Marina, Lake Dillon
Location:  Frisco, Colorado, USA

Lake Dillon, a man-made reservoir, is located in Colorado's Summit County.  It supplies water to Denver.

According to the Denver Water website:
The [Dillon] dam was built to divert water from the Blue River Basin through the Harold D. Roberts Tunnel under the Continental Divide into the South Platte River Basin. Dillon Dam is an earth-fill dam, 5,888 feet long by 231 feet above the Blue River stream bed. Dillon Reservoir's surface area of 3,233 acres and 26.8 miles of shoreline support many recreational activities.
Recreational uses of Lake Dillon include boating, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing.  Frisco Bay Marina, pictured here, is one of two marinas on Lake Dillon.

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Becky said...

Look at all those beautiful colors, and that water. I'd love to fish there.