Rose Hips - Fruit of the Wild Rose (Rosa woodsii)

Rose Hips - Fruit of the Wild Rose (Rosa woodsii)
Location:  Coal Creek Canyon, Boulder County, Colorado, USA

This is the fruit of the Wild Rose (Rosa woodsii).  Called Rose Hips, the fruits are edible, although I did not try them.  The entry for this species on the Southwest Colorado Wildflowers website says:
Lovely flowers are replaced by dark red fruits ("rose hips") that range from mealy to sweet depending on the amount of rain and sun the plant receives and the time they are picked.  The fruits are usually best after several frosts.
These rose hips were photographed in early September. The color darkens later in the season.

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Becky said...

I had lots of lovely Rose hips this year. I haven't decided what to do with thme yet.