Flowers on a Mango Tree

Name: Mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

When our mango trees are in flower, two things are certain: a) delicious fruit is on its way; b) I will be sneezing until the fruit replaces the blossoms.   I am allergic to mango pollen, but fortunately I am not allergic to the wonderful fruit!

Tip for the allergy-prone from someone who has learned the hard way:  Never hang your freshly laundered bedsheets out to dry on a clothesline strung under a mango tree that is in bloom! ;-)


Becky said...

Well, I guess if you really like the fruit you might have to put up with the sneezing. LOL. Pretty flowers, and I hope they have a wonderful scent.

BNS said...

Hi Becky - Re the scent of mango blossoms: I wouldn't dare sniff them to find out if they smelled nice. LOL


Sheila said...

Interesting and dainty-looking bloom. I would have guessed that mango blooms would be larger than that.

BNS said...

Hi Sheila - You mean more like the size of an apple blossom? I don't think there's a real correlation between the size of the blossom and the size of the fruit it bears, but until you mentioned it, I hadn't even thought about it!


antigoni said...

Beautiful flowers. I'm sorry your allergy doesn't allow you to enjoy these flowers but you can enjoy the fruit. That's something.

kml said...

Yikes - that could make for a most miserable time! Can't wait to see the fruit!

BNS said...

@ Antigoni - Yes, I just try to stay away from the tree when it has flowers. Fortunately they turn into fruit before long.

@ Kathy - I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the fruit, just for you! ;-}