Aspen's Dancing Fountain

Aspen, Colorado

Nicholas DeWolfe Memorial Fountain
Location:  Aspen, Colorado, USA

At the corner of Hyman and Mill Streets in Aspen, Colorado, is the Nicholas DeWolfe Memorial Fountain, also known as the 'dancing fountain' of Aspen.   Completed in 1979, the water plays from street-level jets in an intricate computer-generated pattern.  On warm days, children run through the waters of the dancing fountain to cool off -- a summer tradition in Aspen.

The fountain is named for the late Aspen resident and pioneer computer engineer Nicholas DeWolfe, who designed and built the computer apparatus and software that run the fountain.  In the background of this photo is another Aspen landmark -- the Wheeler Opera House, completed in 1889.


Will said...

I saw one of these a few years back. You are right, the kids have a blast trying to figure out where the next burst of water will come from. And getting soaked in the process, of course!

BNS said...

Yes, that kind of fountain is fun to watch. The kids were coming in batches to play in the jets of water.


2sweetnsaxy said...

I like fountains like that and there is always a kid or two playing in them. :-D

BNS said...

Some of the moms who were there watching the kids play in the fountain looked like they wished they could run through it, too!


kml said...

How great for the kids - most fountains are off limits to them - and kids are naturally drawn to any kind of water. They must love it!