Purple Lilac

Purple Lilacs

Purple Lilac (Syringa sp.)
Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA

Mid-June is lilac season in Aspen, Colorado.  Lilac bushes are in bloom everywhere in the town - in gardens, in front of homes and shops, in public parks.  They are lovely to look at, and very fragrant, too.


Anonymous said...

So that's what lilac looks like. Nice shot!

BNS said...

Thanks. Yep, that's what lilac looks like. :-D


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

How beautiful. I also have a lilac tree and love the time of year when the fragrant blooms are out.


BNS said...

Thank you, JJ. Lucky you to have a lilac tree.


kml said...

We are in New England, and by the end of May ours have already passed by. I love to have the smell of them coming in through the open windows!