Pineapple - Not Quite Ready to Pick


Pineapple (Ananas comosus)
Location: Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

We have a number of pineapple plants scattered here and there around our garden.  Each is in a different stage of growth.  It takes nearly two years to grow a pineapple from planting to picking.  Pineapples grown on commercial plantations usually are picked when they are still green, like the one in this photo.  They continue to ripen some during the time it takes to ship and distribute them, but they are never as sweet and juicy as the ones from our garden.  We let our pineapples stay on the plant until they are completely ripe -- a nice golden color, with juice starting to ooze -- then we pick them and eat them right away!


Anonymous said...

Interesting !! It's already a long time that I wondered how a pineapple grows, I even didn't know it stands right up :-)

BNS said...

Well, Hildegarde, I'm glad you learned something new here. :-)


kml said...

Hi Bobbie - Until a couple of years ago, I always thought they grew on trees like the coconuts do. My family don't let me forget it. Do the plants keep growing pineapples after the ripe one is picked, or is it a one plant, one fruit deal? I bet they taste heavenly!

BNS said...

Hi Kathy - The good thing about pineapples is that each one becomes a new plant. You cut off the leafy top and stick it into the ground, and it grows a new pineapple. The bad news is that this process takes about two years. During the first year, the ex-pineapple top grows to a plant that is between 2 and 3 feet tall. Then it flowers in the center, and during the next year, the flower turns into a tiny fruit, and the fruit grows into a fully ripe pineapple.

Then you pick it, eat the pineapple, plant the top again, etc. (and repeat as needed...). ;-}